Idea7 LLC was founded in 2017 as an open source hardware and innovation company.  As with most founding stories, there were years of events leading to Idea7’s start in 2017 and we’ll eventually tell that story here.  For now, the gist:  Humble beginnings, grand plans, hard work, and lots of learning.

And now, let the adventure begin…

Our business philosophy

If we spend too much time here, all we’ll have is our philosophy.  So this will be “strategically” brief.  (Is this just a way to rationalize laziness?)

  • We like open source, so we’ll make our kits open source.
  • We like honesty, so we’ll be honest.
  • We like quality stuff, so we’ll continuously strive for quality.
  • We like to be treated fairly, so we’ll treat you fairly.
  • We like _, so we’ll _.

If all this sounds very “golden rule” like, that’s because it is.  Our founder is a christian and is very insistent that Idea7 embodies a “love your neighbor” culture.  (BTW, if all this religion stuff makes you uncomfortable or seems out of place in an open source technology business, well, sorry, but “we like honesty, so we’ll be honest.”)

Interested in helping us write this story?  Get in touch.

Under Construction…the team and this page.  🙂

All of our kits are born first as projects at our local TEC Hub.  Mostly our projects just stay projects, but sometimes, when they’re really special, we decide to see if we can turn them into kits and share them with the world.

How many kits?

We’re just getting started, but so far we have two kits (the second one will be ready for retail sales SOON!).  

Venture Crafts

Our first kit is a bamboo long sword kit that we made because…well because that’s what our kids wanted us to make!  The sword kit is the first in a series that we’re calling “Venture Crafts.”  The Venture Craft series is all about imagination, grand adventures, and building memories while bonding over fun projects.  Good stuff.

Young Engineer Series

Our second kit is an Airplane Design Kit that we’re making to help introduce the principles of flight and engineering design.  It’s the first of a new series of kits that we’re calling the “Young Engineer Series.”  The Young Engineer Series is all about learning through creative building, testing, and tweaking.  To keep things interesting we’ll be posting contests online so your young engineer can compete to win great prizes like 3d printers. (wahoo!)

What’s next?

We’re not completely sure.  We have LOTS of ideas but we’ll probably make another first-of-series kit before we circle back to make more Venture Craft or Young Engineer Series kits.  What do you think?  Get in touch to let us know!

Stay informed!

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