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TEC Bot 7.0

TEC Bot 7.0 Assembly

How to assemble your TEC Bot 7.0 This quick guide will help you assemble your new TEC Bot 7.0. Be patient and feel free to ask questions if you get stuck or something isn’t clear. Expect this build to take about an hour. Your time may vary. Here’s what you’re building… Assemble the main chassis …

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YES Robot Rally Challenge

Robot Rally: National Challenge!

The Challenge Make your Robot Rally robot drive 7 laps around a 7 foot long track. Steps: Make a track with black electrical tape that is at least 7 feet long on a light background (white is preferable).Program your robot to follow a line using our example or start from scratch.Get creative and get faster! …

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Arduino IDE

Robot Rally: Loading New Programs

Programming Options There are LOTS of options when it comes to programming your Idea7 Robot based on the LOLIN D32 development board. The LOLIN D32 is based on the popular ESP32. All that popularity means that the ESP32 is supported in several Integrated Development Environments (IDEs). That said, I’ll only mention the ones I’ve personally …

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Activities 1

Robot Rally: Getting Started

First Steps Get familiar with your new robot project! Steps: Review guidelines for robot care and safety.Attach the wheels and tracks.Learn the buttons and modes. 1.  Robot Care and Safety Guidelines a) Don’t destroy your bot!  Avoid these things: Leaving your robot turned on and unattended. Zapping your robot with static electricity. Giving your robot a bath. Charging …

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