Who can achieve the longest flight time?!

This challenge will take some extra creativity and I encourage everyone to give it a shot! (dad pun…had to do it) I’ll keep the rules simple to allow for maximum creativity.

The Task

Make an air-powered launcher and launch vehicle to achieve the longest flight time.


Flight time is measured from the time your vehicle is separated from your launcher to the time your vehicle is no longer airborne.

Material Allowed

You may use any part of your project set, including the box, and you may add up to $7 worth of extra parts or material. (Value is assessed as fair market value, not what you paid. So you can’t get your buddy to sell you a drone for $7…okay, you can, but you just can’t use it to win this challenge.)

Must be Air-powered

Your launcher must be “air-powered.” It cannot use chemical, electrical, or other mechanical means of propulsion instead. For this rule, when I say “air-powered,” I mean that it uses air as the medium to transfer energy to your launch vehicle, probably, but not necessarily, by storing potential energy in compressed air. If you use compressed air, 40 PSI is the max pressure allowed for the challenge.

Respect the spirit of the challenge

We want you to be creative, and that includes finding ways that we didn’t consider to “bend” the rules. That said, we reserve the right to disqualify entries that we deem to be too far outside the spirit of this challenge. For example, if you buy a stomp-rocket toy for $7 and use that for your entry without even modifying it. We’d think it was cool, but you wouldn’t win. 🙂

Be safe

As always, please be safe! While we try to provide a safe foundation in your project box, you are in experimental territory. That’s a good thing, but it also means you need to use your head and be cautious! And of course, please, wear your safety glasses!

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