The Challenge

Make your Robot Rally robot drive 7 laps around a 7 foot long track.


  1. Make a track with black electrical tape that is at least 7 feet long on a light background (white is preferable).
  2. Program your robot to follow a line using our example or start from scratch.
  3. Get creative and get faster!


  • Shortest time to complete 7 laps wins!
  • Get seconds subtracted from your total by doing Bonus “tricks!”

Bonus Tricks:

  • Earn 7 seconds off your time for each unique “trick” your robot does in the challenge.
  • You can earn a max of 5 trick bonuses. 
  • Trick examples include reversing direction on the track, doing a 360-degree spin, or washing your dishes…get creative!
  • The entry with the most impressive trick will receive an extra 7 seconds off their time for a total of 42 seconds off!

How to enter:

  • Video your best attempt using a digital video camera or smartphone.
  • Email the video (or a link) to, share it in the Young Engineer Series Facebook group, or add it in a comment below.
  • Entries are due by April 20th (The day before Easter).


  • Prizes will be awarded in three age categories: 8 and under, 9 to 14, and 15 to 18
  • Just for fun, we also want to see entries from adults!
  • Winners will receive a special-edition tee shirt and a coupon for a free Young Engineer Series project box!

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