How to assemble your TEC Bot 7.0

This quick guide will help you assemble your new TEC Bot 7.0. Be patient and feel free to ask questions if you get stuck or something isn’t clear. Expect this build to take about an hour. Your time may vary.

Here’s what you’re building…

Assemble the main chassis frame

You’ll do this for both cross bars…the smooth one and the one with polypanel links.

  • Attach the side plates to the cross bar with short 10-32 screws.
  • Leave the screws slightly loose at this point. You’ll tighten them later.
  • Tip: Later, when you tighten the screws, if it feels like screw is tuning without fully tightening, you can replace the short screw with a longer screw from your hardware box.

Next, add the idler blocks

First insert a 10-32 nut in the pocket as shown.

  • You can tighten a screw in the idler block to fully seat the nut in the pocket…it pulls it all the way in and ensures that it’s straight in the pocket.

Then add the idler blocks to the frame

You can push the steel nut insert part-way into the hole as shown, then use the m3 screw to pull it the rest of the way in for a snug connection as shown.

  • Use the m3 screw with a low-profile head.
  • Start both screws before you fully tighten them.

Next, the stepper motors

It turns out the mounting holes of a Nema 17 stepper motor fit within a Lego hole grid pattern. (The holes on your robot frame are designed to match the Lego hole spacing)

  • Use the m3 screws with the low-profile head to mount the stepper motor.
  • Be sure the wire connection faces as shown.
  • Don’t tighten any of the screws until all four are started.

Next (optional) add the servos

There are a few different ways to add the servos. This is our favorite way and now is the easiest time to install them.

  • Tip: You only really need two screws to hold the servo onto the bracket and two screws to hold it onto the frame. If you only use two, we recommend putting them in opposite corners.

Now add the PCB (Printed Circuit Board)

The PCB sits in a groove in the top edge of the frame. The cross bars will rotate inward to “capture” the PCB in place.

  • Ensure the PCB is fully seated in the grooves.
  • Rotate the cross bars inward against the PCB.
  • Tighten the screws while holding the cross bars tightly against the PCB to ensure effective holding.
  • Tip: If the short screws don’t seem to tighten all the way and you can still turn them, you can optionally replace them with the longer screws for a tighter fit.
  • Important Note: Beware electro-static discharge (ESD) into sensitive electrical components! Make it a habit to avoid touching the integrated circuits (IC’s sometimes called “chips”) on your robot’s circuit board.

Assemble the idlers

Add bearings and nylon spacer into the idler wheel as shown. The nylon spacer goes between the bearings.

Now add the tracks!

You’re almost ready to roll!

  • Add the “pulleys” onto the stepper motors. Align the flat edge and push it on.
  • Position the track around the pulley and idler, then insert the idler screw into the idler block as shown.
  • Tip: As you tighten the idler screw, rotate the idler to ensure proper alignment of the nylon spacer. Tighten the screw be careful not to over do it or the nylon spacer could deform and cause friction.

Attach the rear stand

The two stand pieces are optional, but they really help because they allow you to balance the robot upright, at an angle, or place it upside down.

  • The stand attaches with a single short 10-32 screw and nut.
  • Use the bottom rear hole on your bamboo side frame. (sorry, no pictures yet)

Connect the wires

Connect the stepper and servo wires as shown. Be sure to note proper orientation and keep the left motors plugged into the left side, and right to right.

  • Servo wires: Yellow wire is signal wire.
  • Stepper wires: Green in front (green means go) and black in back as shown.

Make sure your battery is charged!

  1. Turn off your 5V, 6V, and 12V switches.
  2. Turn on your main power switch.
  3. Plug your M5Stack into a USB port.

Tip: Keep your robot charged! There are a few auto shut down protections that will kick in if your battery is too low for the amount of power you’re using.

Now robot dance…

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