Premium Bamboo Sword Kit (Venture Crafts)

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Build Video

This simple video should give you all the “explanation” you need to feel confident in your build.

Build it Together!

Remember, half the point is to spend some quality time building this with someone special!  Even when I recorded this simple video, I had a whole group of young “sword smiths” watching. Later we had a blast building 6 more swords together!  Great fun!  Working together with an adult is especially recommended for younger builders.

Personal tip:

If you’re okay with it, and your kids just HAVE to duel, a good idea to reduce the likelihood of injury is to cover the blades with regular pool noodles.  We add some cloth tape or duct tape over the noodles so they hold together longer.  My kids love this!  Of course, if you do this, please be aware of the possibility of injury.


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