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Idea7’s Founder and CEO is Chris Thompson.  Chris describes himself as a “christian, husband, dad, citizen, servant, and big-time science and technology geek who loves to make stuff.”  Chris is surrounded, supported, and encouraged by a great team of partners, friends, and family who collectively add an incredible depth of experience and skill.  Their backgrounds range from professional educator to jet pilot including several engineers.  Want to know more?  Check out our about page or just ask!

You’re buying full premium-level access to the ultimate extracurricular club for real project learning.  From our growing list of premium online courses to our unique and incredibly-valuable online interactive events, you’re buying a solution to the most urgent problem in STEM education today, a solution that is relevant now and future proof!

It’s funny…

when it comes to something that everyone recognizes, you can just say, “it’s a bakery” or, “it’s a house” and everyone immediately gets all the complex implications of your simple answer.  But when it comes to something truly unique and revolutionary, it’s not so easy to explain.  Not because it’s complicated, simply because it’s unfamiliar.  Maybe we should just say, “it’s awesome, come see for yourself!”  Maybe that’s a cop-out.  Here are more answers:

  • You’re buying a TOOL for teaching your kids tech literacy and an ability to accomplish real projects.
  • You’re buying a dynamic subscription resource that will definitely improve STEM learning; but more importantly, it will build an array of urgently needed skills for thriving in today’s rapidly changing and increasingly technical world.
  • You’re buying access to a community of people working together to teach kids how to learn at the speed of today’s rapidly changing technology, so that they can apply what they learn in the real world.

The answer is always, “soon!,” because we’re always working on new projects.  To get the full experience, students (and adults) can join our team as members and learn to bring new products to market…by actually doing it!

We love ideas!  (We’re called “Idea7” for a reason.)  If you’d like to submit an idea, we’d love to hear it.  Join our team as a member and you can be part of a think tank that leads us into the future!  All of our kits will be developed and shared as open source hardware under a CC-BY-SA 4.0 licences so make sure you’re comfortable with that before sharing your idea.  

We sure do.  We order some components from international suppliers of course, but we do as much manufacturing as practical in our hometown Georgia facility.  Did you know we also make our manufacturing processes part of our educational experience? This is another part of the completely unique and game-changing experience that you get with Idea7 membership.

Real-project Learning (RPL) is learning by doing real things in the real world using real tools. It is dynamic, immersive, always-current, individualized, and highly relevant.  It is the ultimate extracurricular activity!

Bad news: Rapidly changing technology has created an education crisis for our kids.  Traditional education typically involves periodic updates of curriculum and learning environments that lack real context.  In some institutions, “teaching to the test” becomes the unintended standard. Students are left asking, “Why do I need to know this?”  Worse, technical curricula are almost always obsolete as soon as they are published.

Good news: Real projects used to be hard in-practice, but a clever application of new technology and modern tools provides a real solution—a Real Project solution!

Real project learning turns “out of context” and “obsolete” into “relevant” and “always-current.”  How? RPL uses immersion in real projects using modern tools (digital and physical).  It can only be relevant and current because it’s real.  Even better, RPL builds a new kind of “tech literacy” that enables students to continue learning and adapting as highly-effective and future-proof professionals.

RPL gets students practicing and learning in the real world.

Examples of real projects:

  • Make a real product and bring it to market.
  • “Self-publish” a timely and useful resource for the world.
  • Solve a problem for your family or community with technology.
  • Build a website for your church, home, school, or company
  • Design a fun Quick Build Set to share with other students
  • Come up with a new engineering challenge
  • Create a how-to video
  • Start a YouTube channel
  • [There are no limits in the “RPL” world!]

The answer to the question will continue to evolve as technology changes and as we grow our ability to offer greater opportunities.  Our immediate and short-term offerings are:

Online Events that are live and interactive including live instruction, collaboration on real projects with mentors and other students, helpful tips and support, shared resources, and networking with other amazing parents and students!

Online Courses that are designed to help you thrive with RPL. We recognize there is a need for basic training to establish a baseline from which to ask questions.  Our courses will get you started and give you the tools to go further with real projects.

Real Projects: You don’t need to buy anything from us to do real projects.  In fact we gladly help you find real project opportunities beyond what we offer.  For some, our Quick Build Sets or Project Sets are a great way to get started while saving time and money!

Life coaching sessions: Our founder and CEO offers life coaching and encouragement for students.  Chris meets with parents first and parents are of course welcome to sit in on the sessions.  Adult members are also welcome to have their own sessions.

Yes!  This is a real offer and an amazing deal!

No matter how awesome our offering, it is still new and still in its early stages.  For a strong start, we need to seed our tribe with visionary founding members.  We recognize that your time and trust is valuable and as a show of our immense gratitude for joining our real-project adventure, we want to offer you an incredible value.   Obviously we can only offer this for a limited time and for a limited number of members, so if you know anyone who may be interested, DON’T MISS THIS CHANCE to give them the GIFT OF A LIFETIME!! 

Our Idea7 team has over 100 years of collective experience relevant to education and real-project success. Our Founder and CEO has 10 years of direct experience with hands-on technical education from robotics to student design projects and has received recognition, awards, and numerous praises from the likes of the Virginia Secretary of Education and NASA Education officials.  Our team has produced over 14 educational sets related to STEM education or robotics including 4 unique robotics kit designs (over 200 individual kits) used for Cornell University’s Summer College program called “Fabricating the Future: Robotics and Programming.”  We know how to offer you real value and we’ll do our best to deliver beyond your expectations.  Even so, what we’re offering is new.

Idea7’s launch of Real Product Learning (RPL) is a new innovation.

When other innovators—e.g., Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, etc.—first entered their markets, they had to spend a lot of time, effort, and money to get the attention of prospective users. We’re devoting a lot of time and effort to our launch…and we consider our discounted early subscription price to be a significant part of our investment.

For us, this is not a try-and-see whim that will be gone tomorrow.  We’re in this for the long-haul but you don’t just have to take our word for it.  In addition to our years of development effort to make this possible, we’ve constructed an office, studio, manufacturing, and training facility in Georgia (about an hour from Savannah). We’ve formed strategic partnerships and aligned with three popular national competitions.  We have done all of this and more and we still have much more planned or in progress!  Join us and let’s do something real!

If you’re a teacher in a public or private school or a parent serving as teacher in a home school, you have probably already experienced frustration with curricula or lesson-plans that have already been superseded by new information or technology. That’s one place where an Idea7 Membership will be helpful.

Check out the info about our team on our About page. You’ll see that most of us are home-schoolers, several of us have formal teaching experience in public schools, and others on our team have children in a private school. In other words, we think we have a pretty good idea of the challenges you’re facing; and, we have designed the Idea7 service to address that need.
If you’re an early subscriber and you find that we are not meeting your specific needs—which we think is unlikely—you will have lost little. On the other hand, if you find that Idea7 is just what you need, you will have made a great bargain!

Several members of the Idea7 team are Grandparents—one couple has TWELVE Grands; 7 boys, 5 girls! Like many other parents and grandparents looking for something more valuable than the latest (increasingly expensive!) gadget for a gift, we believe a GIFT MEMBERSHIP to Idea7 will be a great choice with a lasting value! And we’re also biased in our belief that YOU are never to old to learn!

We take several measures to ensure our website is safe and secure.  For example, everything on our whole site is served via “https” which is an encrypted protocol that helps protect against “man-in-the-middle” attacks.  This is only one simple layer in our security strategy which we frequently update based on industry best practices to ensure our site and your data are adequately protected.

That said, no website can be completely secure.  Personally, we believe the only 100% security is found in John 3:16.  😉

Still have questions?

Don’t hesitate to ask.  We’ll do our best to get back to you within 2 business days.  (Be sure to type in the correct email address!)

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