Live, interactive, and online: A new STEM/STEAM club changes everything!

What if your kids had the best opportunities?

What could your kids accomplish if they had access to the very best STEM or STEAM club. What if they could ask questions and get advice from people that knew how to do all the geek and engineering stuff, and even better, what if they could work with them on a routine basis? Obviously this would be a pretty sweet opportunity, but only a tiny fraction of students have that kind of access.

What if any student could have access to learn and work alongside technology professionals? Just imagine the incredible learning opportunity that would be!

After seeing how transformative it can be for students to have such incredible opportunities. I became a little bit obsessed with trying to figure out how to build a program with the potential to bring this kind of opportunity to more students—to as many students as possible.

There is so much more I need to write on this topic. I need to tell you how, as a professional geek and engineer myself, my personal journey gradually led me to the realization that this is a problem that still hasn’t been solved. I need to explain my growth over the 10+ years of being immersed in this stuff. You can get a little bit of an idea by skimming my bio on our About page, but of course that leaves out all the stories. It leaves out the struggles, the triumphs, the friendships, the partners, and the incredible students I’ve been privileged to mentor and teach. I need to explain all this, but I feel like I can’t stop and take the time just yet. I’m too excited that our new membership actually has a real chance of finally solving this!

…our new membership actually has a real chance of finally solving this!

A membership that changes everything!

Working together on real projects alongside technology professionals is like the ultimate extracurricular activity. The power of this type of learning opportunity has been well known for years, but it just hasn’t been widely accessible. Until now.

We’ve finally found a real way to bring amazing real project opportunities and live interactions with real technology professionals to almost any student. This isn’t just online courses. Those are useful, but hardly new or exciting. This isn’t just live streaming of STEM content to Facebook or YouTube. Again, that’s useful, but not enough. What we’ve done is create an new online membership that brings together technology, information, community, live interactions, and the ability to have meaningful connections between students, mentors, and parents no matter where you happen to live. (Okay, you need an internet connection, so if you live in the remote wilderness you might want to consider other options.)

…meaningful connections between students, mentors, and parents no matter where you happen to live.

There are many beneficial and helpful things we’ve added for our members, but the core value, the “secret sauce” so to speak, is our live interactive online events. These events are like actually going to a STEM workshop, makerspace, robotics team meeting, and internship all rolled together into one amazing opportunity! Not sure? Come to an actual event to get a better idea of how all this works! Love the concept? (Me too!, but just wait to you hear the rest of what membership is all about!) Take advantage of our early-bird special and help us bring this opportunity to more kids!

Let’s grow forward together!

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