Old World Apprenticeship in our New World

Old School

Some educational models maintain a separation between the students and real-world industry.  Thanks to modern resources, this need not be so!

Take Your Degree and Go Do!

Most of these study formats have learners sit and attempt to consume and regurgitate massive amounts of un-applied information.  Like drinking from a fire hose and being expected to retain it all! Then pupils are sent out into the world to begin to apply their newly ordained “expertise”.

The Apprentice Model

At different times, and various cultures, there have been other ways of educating new generations of makers.  One of which is the apprentice model. One in which a young padawan lived in a master’s shadow for years. Years of watching and participating in another person pouring their life into a work.  Years of work, trial, and error. Years of learning while doing.

We have the technology and we’re not afraid to use it!

Thanks to sweet new things like megapixels, streaming video, and live chatting, barriers to education are collapsing.  It’s time to build a new model. Are you ready? It might not be pretty! Real learning and growing can be messy!

The best teachers are life-long students

At Idea7, our Young Engineer Subscription allows, encourages, and provides the means for students to be a part of the entire development process!  We are not afraid to bring students to the shop floor, behind the scenes, to show them how the magic happens. We are also not afraid to show them that it’s not magic!  It’s work, it’s work they can learn and do. It’s a process. A process of taking an idea and making something out of it. A process that takes time, hard work, patience, and perseverance.  These are things I’ve never learned without doing.

Make Something Awesome,


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