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Premium courses are coming soon!

Premium course prices will range from $7 to $70 depending on the length and complexity of the course and whether it offers college credits.  (College credits are planned to begin in Summer or Fall of 2020.)  Our first 

A few examples of planned courses.

Make a commercial PCB!

Go from beginner to your first real printed circuit board with the introduction to the world of modern PCB fabrication.

Launch a makerspace!

For the ambitious teen or motivated parent—learn how you can start a mini-makerspace at home or help start a bigger one for your hometown!

Robotics without a kit!

Learn how cheap and easy it can be to make your own amazing robot WITHOUT needing to buy an expensive kit! Hey, why not design and sell your own kit?!

Hold an online event!

Learn how you can create, organize, and host a real online event like the pros! Charging for tickets? Yep, we'll show you that, too.

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