Engraved Bamboo Sword Kit


A rewarding project your kids will love!

  • Finally, a beginner-level kit that will look like it was crafted by a pro!
  • Don’t be disappointed by a broken sword.  This bamboo is VERY tough!
  • Won’t fall apart if it gets wet!
  • Complete kit: No disappointing delay because you don’t have the right tool or supplies…we’ve got you covered. 😉

$49.00 $42.00



Build fun memories with a special kid!

You’ll be a special kid’s hero when you help them build their new favorite toy.  (Our kids love these.)  Our kit includes everything you need to build your sword. All of our premium sword kits are handcrafted with love in the USA and designed to last.

What to expect:

  • About an hour to complete the build
  • Moderate sanding with the included sandpaper (Genuine 3M pro-grade sandpaper – course and fine grits)
  • Simple gluing with the included glue (Genuine Titebond II is included – Titebond II is safe, cleans up with water, and quickly forms a strong water resistant bond…we love it.)
  • Easy wipe-on oil finish is non-toxic and low-odor so it can be safely applied indoors for a smooth and durable finish.
  • Kids going on grand imaginary adventures…

Important Notes:

  • Be safe!  This sword is sturdy and it can cause injury if used to hit people or pets. This sword is designed and intended for imaginative play, but if you decide to use it for contact sparring or sword play, please use adequate protection equipment to avoid injury!
  • This laminated bamboo is safe for sanding and bamboo is among the least toxic woods. (okay, technically bamboo is grass, not wood) Even so, sanding dust from any wood (or grass) can be an irritant for some people so we recommend you take precautions to avoid breathing the dust.  You can add our optional dust masks to your kit, use your own dust mask, or consider sanding outside or sanding wet.
  • Decoration is optional and we don’t currently include any paint in the kit.  If you’d like to decorate your sword, we recommend you apply your choice of paint before sealing with the included finishing oil.  Acrylic, latex, and milk paints all work fine.  We like to use dark latex paint in the carved letters to help them stand out more, but some people will prefer to just let the oil naturally darken the carved letters.  We’ll add some videos and pictures to help inspire you as soon as we can.  If you’d like to be notified when we publish new content or kits, simply sign up for our newsletter!
  • Our current choice of non-toxic finishing oil for the kit is pure tung oil from The Real Milk Paint Company.  We’re very happy with it.  There are even safer options like edible oils, but they don’t protect like pure tung oil.

At Idea7, we make kits that we want for our own families and we only share the kits we love!  This Knightly Sword kit is no exception and we hope you’ll enjoy using it to build memories with the special kids in your life. We sure have!

Weight .75 lbs
Dimensions 29.75 × 1.2 × 3 in
Grip Color

Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink


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