Catapults and the Science of Siege!

Project Summary

We’ve selected this project as our 1st official Young Engineer Series kit!  This will be the best catapult physics kit you’ve ever seen!

Here’s what we think makes it great:

  • Quality bamboo material so it will last through years of experimentation and look great on a display wall
  • Modular build system so you can really get creative with different designs
  • Lego compatible for extra creative options
  • 3d printed parts with published files for LOTS more educational and creative possibilities
  • Open source design

Of course, the kit itself is lots of educational fun, but the real value gets unlocked in our Young Engineer Series subscription with all the activities, resources, and challenges!  Be sure to check that out and consider joining the fun!  Young Engineer Series Subscription Box!


Activities and Challenges

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Design Files

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Catapults and the Science of Siege!

Project Journal