Catapults and the Science of Siege!

Project Summary

We’ve selected this project as our 1st official Young Engineer Series kit!  This will be the best catapult physics kit you’ve ever seen!

Here’s what we think makes it great:

  • Quality bamboo material so it will last through years of experimentation and look great on a display wall
  • Modular build system so you can really get creative with different designs
  • Lego compatible for extra creative options
  • 3d printed parts with published files for LOTS more educational and creative possibilities
  • Open source design

Of course, the kit itself is lots of educational fun, but the real value gets unlocked in our Young Engineer Series subscription with all the activities, resources, and challenges!  Be sure to check that out and consider joining the fun!  Young Engineer Series Subscription Box!


Activities and Challenges

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Design Files

Google Drive Shared Folder:

Here’s a link to our Google Drive folder for this project.  Feel free to download and print the STL files on a local 3d printer!  Catapults and The Science of Siege Folder

GitHub Repository:

Here’s the repo for Catapults and the Science of Siege

Access to Fusion 360 Folder:

Contact us with your Fusion 360 email address (the one you use to sign in to your Fusion 360 account) and we’ll add you to the project!  From there, you can see what we’ve done, how we did it, and even make your own versions!  

Catapults and the Science of Siege!

Project Journal

November 8, 2018

Making Video Content...slowly.

Working in a garage with thin walls is...a fun challenge. Between the ducks quacking, chickens clucking, kids playing, and rain drumming on the roof, "silence on the set" is starting to seem more and more unicorny. (Okay, I know that's not a real word.)

Anyway...silent movies are a thing right?

I'll be glad to move into the new studio when that's ready—such a blessing to have that opportunity!!

November 6, 2018

Boxes shipped!

Boxes are packed and labeled ready for USPS to pick them up! Fun stuff! Benjamin (my youngest) has already had a blast building with the parts....he got early access to prototype parts. Hmmm...but he built a "laser axe chopper" instead of a catapult. He's 5...we'll eventually build a catapult. Maybe a laser galactic super catapult when Benjamin gets through with it. 🙂

October 27, 2018

Project Update

Having fun testing prototypes! I'm really pleased with the way the bamboo parts are turning out and I think this is going to make a really fun build system. As an added bonus we made the hole size and spacing compatible with Lego Technics (and Mindstorms) so if you have lots of Lego parts you can build add-ons!