Project Summary

TEC Bot 7.0 is another in a long line of robots developed specifically for modern education. It’s accessible open-source design lets students dig deeper into concepts of robotics, engineering, technology, and modern fabrication.

Activities and Challenges

TEC Bot 7.0

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Design Files

Most of the files for the project can be found in our GitHub repository here: For anything else (like our Fusion 360 files) just contact us! 🙂

TEC Bot 7.0

Project Journal

May 28, 2019

Let's talk FEATURES!

I love how this robot is turning out! There are still things I want to change (of course) but I'm very happy with it overall. It would take me years to run out of cool things to make this robot do! Think about it. It could be fun to control it with a smartphone using its WiFi or Bluetooth capability. Of course it can follow lines and use various sensors to navigate around obstacles or through mazes, but what I'm really excited about is its ability to be used as a balancing robot or as a mobile plotter with a pen sticking through the hole in the PCB! The precise movement of the stepper motors, the two powerful hobby servos for arms, the polypanel connectors for 3d printed modular fun, the Lego compatibility, the use of standard grove connectors, the Neopixel-type LEDs....Good thing the students at Cornell's Summer College program will help program it!!

May 2, 2019

Project Update

Got the circuit boards done, manufactured, and delivered. They look great (okay, biased, but I like them!). Of course there are already several things I've noted to tweak before the next order, but these will work well for Cornell's Summer College program called Fabricating the Future: Robotics and Programming.

April 2, 2019

Project Start

Getting started with the design for a new printed circuit board. I want to make this one with NEMA 17 Stepper Motors...the same motors used by most consumer 3d printers on the market these days. I've been watching prices for a few years now and I think this finally makes sense!

The PCB will make this a nice kit. As usual, I'll try to strike the right balance between capability, simplicity, and cost.