Project Summary

This is another fun kit for the Young Engineer Series subscription box!

We’re having lots of fun with this project!  We stretched the budget a bit with this design so our subscribers will really luck out with this one!  Our regular price for this project box will end up at around $70 retail or more.  (Which is still quite a deal for a WiFi + Bluetooth + Line Following + Distance Sensing super cool robot powerhouse!)

Activities and Challenges

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Design Files

Here are links to most of the design files:

Did you know if you’re a Young Engineer Series member you can request to be added to our Autodesk Fusion 360 Project and have access to all the actual 3d CAD files even before they’re made?  You can even participate in the design. It’s true!  Just grab your subscription and then let us know you’d like to be added!

Robot Rally!

Project Journal

January 3, 2019

Oh boy! The circuit boards are done!

The custom PCBs (Printed circuit boards) for our new robot base are done! They're in the mail and expected to arrive on January 9th!

In the past several days I've been continuing to study documentation about the new microprocessor development board I picked for this robot. It's the same core microprocessor that I used for the last kit we developed for Cornell University's summer robotics program, but this one is in a much more affordable package. It is the ESP32 from Espressif, and we're using the new LOLIN D32 development board that uses the official ESP-WROOM-32 module which has been certified not only by the FCC, but also by major IoT players such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.

December 29, 2018

Circuit board design is done!

Design done! At least I think it's done. We've just ordered a small batch from the manufacturer and we'll see how it turns out when we test it!

December 7, 2018

We're gonna need a custom circuit board...

Okay, I've given it some thought. I've also gotten some feedback and tried to get a few of our Young Engineer Series folks engaged in some brainstorming.

We're going to design a custom circuit board as a base to reliably connect the robot's various components. Bonus: I'll get to show students how that process gets done!

November 26, 2018

Getting Started - This will be hard.

How in the world do we design a robot that can be used by a 5-year-old, offers challenges for the most advanced high school students, and costs just $49! I've designed plenty of robot kits for educational purposes, but this is a new challenge. Maybe there's a reason there aren't kits like this on the market!

Can it be done? We won't know until we try. Let's do this.