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The kits are fun, but so are toys. The kits encourage creativity, but so can a box and some markers.

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No other kit pulls students so thoroughly into the design process while exposing them to real-world modern design and fabrication techniques.
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More practical value than you find in educational kits several times the price!
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From 5y to 70+
Young ones (with some help) are drawn to the building and tinkering while there's no end to the more advanced activities involving CAD and 3d printing.
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Designs, kits, activities, and challenges are constantly evolving to keep pace with technology.

Our kits aren't just parts in a box, they're part of a whole new learning ecosystem.
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We're innovators. The idea of making something again and again seems...weird.

But when so many of our great customers tell us to keep making something,

We listen!
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"Build" confidence
Our sword kit is simple, but the finished product looks great!

It's a simple way to boost confidence with that "I made this" feeling.

Next project: Tree Castle
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