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As a one-time promotion to celebrate our Young Engineer Series launch, we’re offering an exclusive lifetime discount for our early members.

Here's how it works:

1st – Sign Up to get your code.

We will immediately give you a 21% discount code.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No catch!

So why are we offering this awesome discount?

Well, we need customers of course, but it’s so much more than that!  Here are two of our reasons:

  1. We see our early members as founding partners.  It takes a special kind of vision to see the need for something different.  Our customers are awesome and this is our little “high-five” to show them we know it.
  2. The Young Engineer Series is more than the kits.  It’s a whole ecosystem that helps us thrive together.  It’s a community rising together.  We want to provide awesome value for affordable prices, and as our community grows our ability to deliver more for less grows with it.

No way! We really don’t like SPAM and we’re serious about protecting your personal information. 

As many as you want! But your code will only work for one checkout.

We’ve decided not to limit the number of subscriptions you can have in your cart when you checkout.  So, if you want to order discounted kits for your whole group, we won’t stop you. 😉

No obligation. No pressure. 

Grab your code now and you’ll have until January 7th to use it!  (Even though this is a Lifetime deal, the discount code will expire on January 8th.)

When you decide you’re done with the subscription, you’ll have at least 3 options:

  1. Pass your discounted subscription on to someone else.
  2. Migrate your discount over to another series (we have several more subscription series planned for the future.)
  3. Cancel your subscription.

Absolutely!  We make it easy.  During checkout just check the box indicating that “this is a gift.”  You will need to add the gift recipient’s email address.  Don’t worry, they will not see any of your order information, price, or payment details.