The new way to boost your young engineer's education!

This new approach changes everything...

We created a system where more advanced students learn by creating hands-on kits for beginning students.  It’s a system that keeps the content and the kits always moving forward, and it works for almost any age student.  It’s a whole new approach to STEM education and project-based learning!

Idea7 Development Cycle

See the whole process!

We make our designs and our whole process public…


Every Young Engineer Series kit is a journey that starts as a fun idea and expands into a world of discovery and adventure!

Project-based learning develops key skills

We want our kids to grow into confident and successful adults, and project-based learning is a huge part of that!  

They’re developing the skills to define what they want to achieve, approach it with creative optimism, and learn what’s necessary to see it through to success! 

Students looking at 3d printed part.

It's not a kit, it's a journey!


Students need to practice finding purpose and defining their goals.


Approaching goals with creative optimism takes practice and reinforcement.


Learning is what you do on your journey to success, not what’s done before you start.

It’s great to see students learn valuable career skills such as CAD, programming, teamwork, strategy, and so much more...because they want to!

From 5 to 70+

Your kids are constantly increasing their skill—constantly growing, learning, and ready for new challenges.  Now they can have a kit that grows with them! 

We work hard to ensure our kits will be fun and interactive for young kids (with adult help) while still being exciting and challenging for advanced teens.  We make sure students can interact with our kits in several ways so there’s something for everyone!


Every box includes material for making creative and crafty additions.

Modular Foundation

A solid modular foundation ensures reliable success in many configurations.


With the power of CAD and 3d Printing, students can reach new heights.

Born free at our local TEC Hub...

All of our kits start as open source projects at our local TEC Hub.  We encourage our team to spend up to 21% of their time volunteering to support their local TEC Hub (makerspace) and similar non-profit organizations.

See the whole process from design to delivery!

Since every kit is designed and made in the weeks before it ships, we’re able to show how the kits are made. This provides a whole extra dimension to the educational process! 

Ready for more?

Advanced students can even join our development process and maybe even be the main designer for an upcoming release! Interested? Get in touch!

New Design

Always new design!

One of the major problems in technology education today is the accelerating pace of change—it seems impossible to keep up!

We’ve turned that challenge into a strength by making the design and discovery process part of the journey!

Open Source for Education

Published designs and transparent processes enable us to give students an inside look and provide them with a rich educational experience that can help them develop valuable skills and insights.

Young Engineer Series Difference 1

Made with modern methods

3d printed parts

Once you realize that the same CAD design for a 3d printed part can become an injection molded part for mass production, you start to understand how modern tools are fundamentally changing the world of manufacturing. 

Yes, your kid can learn to design a real product! It’s like having superpowers…actually, that’s Iron Man’s superpower, isn’t it?

Kits that last!

Many STEM subscription kits are great creative fun for a few crafty activities, but then they’re trash.  Our kits last.  This makes them great for hand-me-downs, display walls, charitable donations, etc.  


Not convinced?

That’s okay!  The Young Engineer Series isn’t going to be right for everyone. That’s not our goal.  Even so, we encourage you to check back later to see how we’ve changed.  We’re always growing forward, always learning, and always improving!  

When you’re ready, we hope you’ll join the adventure!


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