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  • Online Courses
  • Project Boxes
  • Great Opportunities

Here are 3 ways we help our members...

Online Courses

For Parents & Students

Learn how to succeed!

1. We show you how to boost your student's success.

We’re making a lot more courses to show you how to succeed with project based learning (real experience from the trenches) AND courses for students covering a range of topics including:

  • design thinking
  • engineering process
  • computer-aided design
  • programming
  • electronics design
  • project management
  • online marketing
  • team leadership
  • and MUCH more!

Oh yeah, and members get to help decide what course we make next!

2. We help you with project supplies.

Not all projects need physical material, but for the ones that do, one of the most time-consuming parts can be tracking down all the supplies.  We’ve done thousands of projects with students and we’ve gotten pretty good at putting supplies together!

Whether you’d like to get your own supplies using our list of suppliers or get our project boxes to save yourself time, we’ll be here for you!

Project Boxes

Great stuff for awesome projects.

Make stuff. Learn. Grow forward.

Great Opportunities

Practice real skills.

Design real products. Practice real entrepreneurship skills.

3. We help you take your students to the next level.

Our programs for high school students are an amazing way to let them build essential skills for success outside the classroom.  We get them familiar with some basic skills and then let them practice with REAL WORK!  

They can get their design manufactured or see their marketing concept go live!

We’re actively growing and gaining momentum fast.  Don’t miss out on our exclusive early-bird pricing!

Who is this for?

Perfect for home school. Popular for classrooms too.

Home School

Parents, Children and Teens

Develop key skills through project-based learning. Make something awesome!

Want to make sure your kids are ready for their best future?

We can help you!  Here are some of the great reasons to get started today!

  1. You save tons of time when we help you find the best resources.
  2. You save money with our discounts and recommendations.
  3. It’s just fun to see your kids get excited about learning!

Are you looking for an effective AND affordable way to boost your STEM or STEAM curriculum?

Most schools know exactly what they need to start that killer STEM program they want for their students; experts and more funding.  Getting either one is hard.  Getting both is as illusive as a unicorn in a 4-leaf clover patch.

What if all you really need is a clever new approach?

For as little as $7/month (even less if you pay for the year), we’ll help you leave those old challenges behind.  Start your journey today.


Teachers and Students

Learn to design and make stuff.  Join real projects and product development.

Proven experience, amazing new solution.

We’ve been at the leading edge of educational robotics, 3d printing, maker spaces and project-based learning with technology for years, but this program is new.  

Our techniques and results are proven.  That part is “old news.” What’s new is the way we’re bringing these critical elements to a broader audience in an affordable but still meaningful way!  We’re excited to start sharing our “secrets” with an awesome community!  In fact, we’re so excited that we’re offering limited-time special pricing for our early-adopters!  Don’t miss it!

Although it's not currently our main focus...

We still help other educational institutions in a variety of ways!

  • Program development and consulting
  • Class-pack discounts on project boxes
  • Turn-key STEM Events
  • Teacher Training
  • Custom project kits for your program
  • Technology Consulting

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Online Courses

Get an all-access pass to our growing list of courses focused on learning with real projects.  We’re even working to add ACE or NCCRS accreditation so you can use our courses for college credit!

Resources and more

We’ll give you an edge by sharing links to valuable online learning apps, great sources for educational stuff, and more.

Membership plans help us plan ahead and operate more efficiently.  That saves us money and we like to share that savings with our members!

  • 10% off everything in our store.
  • 20% off all single project boxes
  • 30% off sets of 4 boxes (an $84 savings!)
  • No coupons to worry about! Your savings will automatically apply in your cart.
  • Win prizes with Engineering Challenges.
  • Get your design manufactured and featured when you win an Innovation Award.
  • See your marketing strategy GO LIVE when you’re a finalist for the Influencer Award.
  • Schedule a Life Coaching session with Chris (1 per year).

We know it’s weird, but this “for profit” business puts the mission first.  We’re here to make a difference and that starts with being a little different.  We’re not perfect, but you’ll find we’re perfectly committed to doing our best for you!

  • Get knowledgeable support from Idea7 and a helpful community.
  • Distinguished student members receive letters of recommendation and support from our professional network.

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