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Full access to ALL courses

We have lots of free and premium courses coming. Some of the premium courses will also be accredited for college credit! As a premium member, you get full access to all current and future courses! Bonus: You also get a say in what courses we make!

Free tickets to live events!

Our live online events are MUCH MORE than boring webinars. They are full-featured interactive events from small training workshops to full multi-day conferences. You also get to meet people (if you want) just like at a real in-person event!

20% off all project sets

You don't need our project boxes, but when you feel like a boost to help you get started or you just want to save time and money, you'll be glad to save even more with your premium membership!

10% off on everything else

As a premium member you'll also enjoy a 10% discount on everything we sell.

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Our lifetime and annual members can schedule 1 free personalized coaching session per year and half-off any additional sessions! Need help on a project? Try us!

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What can do with Idea7?

Take Online Courses

Enjoy our Raise the Future courses specifically for parents or dive in to the technical stuff like CAD or Electronics Design! We love life-long learning!

Get unbiased info

We started our mission as a non-profit and we still put your learning and your success first. We frequently recommend outside products and opportunities! We like to keep things open, honest, and friendly. 😉

Save Time and Money

Looking for that perfect app to teach your kids programming? Want a good project box to kick off your kid's next STEAM project? We'll help you find your best options!

Attend Online Workshops

Get useful tips and helpful answers to your questions about ANYTHING! (But mainly about learning with real projects using modern tools 😉

Meet Great Friends

Network with other parents in group breakout sessions or with 1-on-1 speed networking. Exchange contact info if you want!

Connect Kids with Experts

It can be hard to find mentors with certain skill sets to connect with your kids in a safe way. We solve that problem for you so can help your kids grow beyond your own experience!

Be a Mentor

As parents, many of us have amazing knowledge or insight in a particular career field. Sometimes our professional skill aligns with our kids' interests, but when it doesn't, being part of a community offers amazing opportunities to give and receive.

What can do with Idea7?

Take Online Courses

Covering an ever-growing variety of modern tools and real projects, our courses help students venture beyond curriculum.

Real Projects!

From open-platform national robotics challenges to real product development or business ventures, Idea7 is all about learning through real projects!

Build an Impressive Portfolio

Universities and Employers are increasingly seeking demonstrated competence over transcripts. Real projects deliver.

Attend Online Workshops

Live workshops with a variety of breakout sessions focusing on multi-disciplinary real projects.

Mentor Other Students

An awesome win-win opportunity! Students can share real skills with other students in a safe environment.

Get Guidance from Experts

A good music teacher or math tutor is hard enough to find, but finding a product engineer or a tech entrepreneur to be a mentor can seem near impossible. We can help with that! 😉

Get 1-on-1 Coaching

From questions about career options to coaching on a real project, we can help. You can get real help from a pro!

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Parents, Children and Teens

Develop key skills through real projects. Make something awesome!

Want to make sure your kids are ready for their best future? Real projects work!

It's the ultimate extracurricular activity.

Are you looking for an effective AND affordable way to boost your STEM or STEAM program?

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Teachers and Students

Learn how we can help you bring the power of REAL PROJECTS into your classroom!

This is just the beginning.

We’re actively growing and gaining momentum fast.  Right now premium membership is worth more than $350 per year.  We have some great stuff planned to raise that number even higher to around $1400 per year (for real), but our early members will never have to worry about the price going up! 

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This is just the beginning.

We offer proven experience, and an amazing new solution!

We’ve been at the leading edge of educational robotics, 3d printing, maker spaces and project-based learning with technology for years, but this program is new and there’s nothing else like it!

Project-based experiential learning is an amazingly effective solution to the new challenges in education related to accelerating technological change. We’ve seen amazing results by engaging students with real project opportunities.  That part is “old news.” What’s new is the way we’re bringing these critical elements to a broader audience in an affordable but still meaningful way!  Idea7 membership is the ultimate extracurricular activity to prepare students to thrive in an ever-changing technological world.  From engineers and product designers to entrepreneurs and and leaders, mastery of change and technological fluency are more important than ever.

We’re excited to share our “secrets” with an awesome community!  In fact, we’re so excited that we’re offering limited-time special pricing for our early-adopters!  Don’t miss it!

Although it's not currently our main focus...

We still help other educational institutions in a variety of ways!

  • Program development and consulting
  • Class-pack discounts on project boxes
  • Turn-key STEM Events
  • Teacher Training
  • Custom project kits for your program
  • Technology Consulting

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