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Wing Template

We’re making new open source hardware kits!

Can you tell what’s in the picture? Here’s a hint, it’s part of our new kit!  Want to know when this kit is available?  Easy!  Just sign up for our newsletter and we’ll be sure to let you know when we launch! 

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Idea7 is opening for business!

For the past year Idea7’s founder has been quietly working to lay the foundations of a new business.  In July 2017 the first employees were hired after completing a small pilot project to design and manufacture the TEC Bot 4.2 for Cornell

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Born free at our local TEC Hub...

All of our kits start as open source projects at our local TEC Hub.  We encourage our team to spend up to 21% of their time volunteering to support their local TEC Hub (maker space) and similar non-profit organizations.

This is funny because we only have one.  But not for long…

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